Empowering You To Become Creativepreneurs

Welcome to Creative Industries Faculty, Telkom University

T he Faculty of Creative Industries located in Bandung Techno Plex, has 5 major program supports the world most comprehensive creative industries, as follow : Visual Communication Design, Interior Design, Product Design, Craft Textile & Fashion, and Fine Arts. Graduates of Creative Industries faculty has power at KSA (Knowledge – Skills – Attitudes) must have to exist / work in the field of Design, Visual Arts and Business, which is closely linked to the world needs of work and the creative industries, become trend of world business and industries world today and the future (link & match).

With Tagline “Empowering You to Become Creativepreneur”, Creative Industries Faculty organized learning system that is not only the Creative Industries to develop the potential, but also to help maximize the potential (empower) each of students be able to become Independent entrepreneurs in the field of Creative.
"Seni, bagi seniman muslim, adalah sarana, jalan (tariqah), menuju pemahaman yang tak terpahami. Karya seni adalah cerminan, tanda, siapa senimannya."
Amrizal Salayan, 2013

Study Program

Communication Visual Design | Desain Komunikasi Visual | DKV Product Design | Desain Produk | DP Interior Design | Desain Interior | DI Craft Textile & Fashion | Kriya Tekstil & Mode | KTM Fine Art | Seni Rupa Murni | SRM






Visual Communication Design graduate of the Telkom University can design that prioritizes design work on the process maturity ... Under graduate Product Design Study Program produces graduates (Bachelor of Design) with graduate profiles ... Vision of Interior Design Study Program become Interior Design Study Program are highly competitive and ICT based ... Craft Textile Studies Program & Fashion accommodate the power of Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes ... Mission of Fine Arts Program; produce graduates with competence in the field of creative industries ...
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Telkom Creative Industries School Building - Bandung Techno Plex
Jl. Telekomunikasi - Terusan Buahbatu - Dayeuh Kolot
Bandung 40257
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